Objective : To build a telematics solution for vehicles to transmit data to server

Hardware used : 1)  Mobile Devices C4max (complete-group of 3)  2) Aplicom A9 TRIX (ongoing – individual)

Software Skill set: Java

Automotive Skill set: UDS Protocol, CAN


  1. Collect data over CAN
    1. Vehicle metrics : temperature, avg speed, avg pedal position, fuel rate, fuel consumption, distance travelled, mpg etc
  2. Transmit data packets and GPS locations to the server after every vehicle key cycle
    1. Avg metrics over the trip
    2. Histograms (spread of metrics across speed buckets)
  3. Query vehicle OBD remotely via UDS protocol
    1. Query check engine light fault codes
    2. Clear check engine light

Off the shelf C4Max  and A9 units come with lower level firmware which has all the features to connect to a cellular tower  and transmit data. It provides a strong Java based SDK to develop a wrapper around the firmware to fetch the required data from the vehicle, package it in required format and  transmit it to the server.

It is usually a good idea to use these off the shelf units as they are fully certified. It costs thousands of dollars to get a full telematics modem certification.

Here is the Datasheet of C4max

Here is the Datasheet for A9