Here are some of the projects from school.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Modeling and Analysis: Included detailed modelling of series, parallel hybrid architectures, detailed analysis of Prius hybrid architecture, power flow and energy optimization for charge sustenance.

  1. Simulation project: Modeling of ECMS Strategy in Hybrid Vehicles.Download
  2. Skill Set MATLAB, Simulink
  3. Objective: To learn fuel management strategies, hybrid vehicle architechtures


Modeling and Analysis of Li-Ion batteries and Fuel Cells. Detailed electrochemical modeling of Li-ion batteries, equivalent circuit models (using resistors and capacitors) and modeling of fuel cell chemistry.

  1. Project 1: Dynamic thermal prediction of Li-ion batteries using physics based modelling and neural network techniques. Download
  2. Project 2: Energy Management Strategy for Fuel Cell HEV.Download
  3. Skill Set: Matlab Simulink, Electrochemical differential equations
  4. Objective: Familiarity with battery management, Li-ion electrochemistry and modeling, Fuel cell architecture and energy management


Mechatronics: Complete hands on project for designing and controlling mechatronics systems.

  1. Project: Designing and controlling 3-axis nano positioning system. Complete control system design and implementation for 3 dimensional arm movement with nanometric precision.
  2. Skill set: Matlab, Simulink, Labview, NI Compact DAQ, Accelerometers, Proximity sensors,  Steppers and servo control
  3. Objective: Getting hands dirty with real life control systems