I came up to speed with web designing by taking an online course on Udemy, The Complete Web Developer Course.

[Github sourcecode coming soon…]

Conversant with following basic skills to build a website

  1. HTML, CSS, Javascript
  2. Jquery, Jquery Mobile
  3. Bootstrap : Making responsive websites
  4. PHP
  5. MySQL
  6. APIs (Google Maps, Twitter etc)

Developed following webpages. (Currently in the process of buying a more permanent domain and hence including snapshots of the webpages here)

  1. Static webpages (as an exercise for HTML, CSS syntax)
  2. Responsive Survey forms with validations (for email, passwords). (Bootstrap basics)bootstrap example
  3. Weather App (app that tells weather based on input location) weather
  4. Postal Code finder (App that tells postal code from the input location)postcode finder
  5. Responsive personal webpage which includes
    1. Twitter feed
    2. Google map location
    3. Photo gallery
    4. Modals for projects
    5. Social Media icons
    6. Way to get in touch (email/ contact form)
    7. Feature of Login and Sign in and encrypting new user passwords
      1. Adding new users to a MySQL database

webpage 2


web designing_ contact

6. Secret Diary: Where users can create accounts and maintain their diary online.

secret diary