University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, Automotive Research Laboratory

GSRA: 2009-2011

Advisors: Prof Dennis Assanis, John Hoard


  1. In-situ visualization of exhaust soot particle deposition and removal in channel flow: Journal of Chemical Engineering Science, 2013
  2. A Visualization Test Setup for Investigation of Water-Deposit Interaction in a Surrogate Rectangular Cooler Exposed to Diesel Exhaust Flow: SAE Technical Papers 2012
  3. Large Particles in Modern Diesel Engine Exhausts, ASME Internal Combustion Engine 2012 Spring Technical Conference.

Skill set:

  1. Hands on experience working with and operating a diesel engine
  2. Machining experience in creating test fixtures to capture exhaust.
  3. MATLAB- Image processing toolbox
  4. NI Compact DAQ and Labview for data acquisition

Research Summary:

Study of Nano scale soot particle deposition in EGR cooler in diesel engines. Responsible for setting up and carrying out experiments on a diesel engine to study fouling phenomenon and visualize deposit removal mechanisms.

  1. Designing and building a fixture and channel to collect soot particles from the exhaust. Interfacing a diesel engine and NI Data acquisition hardware along with high resolution digital camera to capture and analyse soot particles.
  2. Algorithm development for sequential operation of EGR valves to gather soot particles
  3. Image procession SW to analyze soot particles from the deposition images captured over time

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Summer Intern 2007-08

Prof: SV Prabhu


  1. Pressure distribution on a semi circular concave surface impinged by a single row of circular jets, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Conference, 2008)
  2. Flow Visualization studies of submerged and impinging jets. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Conference, 2008)


Skill set:

  1. Hands on experience in machining text fixtures for investigating jet impingements on semi circular surfaces.
  2. Data analysis with MS Excel

Research Summary:

Carrying out experiments with varying inputs to characterize effects of jets impinging on semi circular surfaces. The application of this experimental work was in gas turbines for increasing their efficiency.